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Valerie Padd


Rest assured....I know my stuff.  

I've worked with hundreds of men and women to achieve their best sexual and healthy selves, whether as individuals or couples.  


I promise to work with the highest quality of care to counsel, coach and teach you how sexual health aligns with general health, and how optimizing the two can lead you to a feeling of aliveness both inside and outside the bedroom!

Whether it’s a physical issue like lack of blood flow, a gut issue, lack of energy, depression, stress, performance anxiety or a related emotional challenge, the distress can be overwhelming, often to the brink of brokenness.


I assure you that I'm sensitive to the fact that discussing these concerns can seem awkward, embarrassing, shameful and even fearful.  You can trust you will be treated with the upmost respect, privacy and compassion.

Why trust me with your most vulnerable self

My Story

Although I run a solo practice, I work closely with a wellness community of brilliant and talented practitioners, all who spend most of their waking hours dedicated to maintaining and restoring health in their respective fields.  Whether I’m collaborating with a pelvic floor specialist, a physician who specializes in balancing hormones, a urologist, or mental health therapist – the benefits help me discover what the "root cause" of your issues may be.


Throughout my nursing career, I’ve gleaned valuable experiences in a variety of diverse medical specialties, however I’ve truly found my passion in the area of sexual health therapy.


After graduating from the University of Central Florida College of Nursing, I sought advance training and education in the field of sexual health at the University of Michigan, and later founded the Center for Intimacy Health.


Grounded in a Functional Medicine model, I work to identify root causes for general health issues that may be affecting sexual function.  From there I partner with you to uncover the emotional, relational and social aspects that may be causing you distress.


I enjoy life to the fullest and work to serve others.  I treasure time with family and friends, and enthusiastically hold volunteer roles with Compassion International and Youth for Christ. 


I look forward to partnering with you to take the necessary steps towards optimal health and amazing intimacy!

Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Sexual Health?

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