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We'll be using the Zoom platform where you can opt to meet face-to-face or with your video off.  Whatever is most comfortable for you!

  • What is Sexual Wellness Coaching?
    What it is. . . An opportunity to break through the sensitive, uncomfortable, loaded, awkward and sometimes shameful topic of sex. It's about having a conversation about your sexual health issues and steps to resolving them. A review of general heath and sexual health history, medication and supplement regimen, diet, exercise and other lifestyle behaviors. A discussion of desired outcomes Use of effective tools, interventions and exercises (think homework!) to assist you in reaching your goals. Use of effective tools, interventions and exercises (think homework!) to assist you in reaching your goals. A partnership towards resolution of the distressing issues related to sexual health and a move towards optimal health. A partnership towards resolution of the distressing issues related to sexual health and a move towards optimal health. What it is not. . . NOT sex therapy. Sexual health counseling does not address pornography addiction, sexual trauma, sexual abuse or abnormal sexual desires involving extreme or dangerous activities (paraphilia's). NOT a quick fix. There is no single treatment or pill you can pop to "fix" your sexual health issue(s). Instead it's a willingness to have an open mind to changes and a motivation to make intimacy part of your everyday health. NOT marriage therapy. There are a host of great marriage and family therapist who can help with building better relationships, issues of betrayal, infidelity and pre-marital counseling. NOT easy. Seriously, just the fact that you are reading this and taking action to resolve your issues. We applaud you! Let the work begin.
  • What kind of issues do you treat?
    Some of the most common issues related to sexual health are: Low sexual desire Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Premature Ejacualtion Desire Discrepancies Low Energy, Decreased Motivation Depression / Anxiety Stress Sexual Relationship Dissatisfaction Delayed Ejaculation Performance Anxiety Unreliable Erections Sexual Rejection Gastrointestinal Issues (IBS/Gut Dybiosis) Diabetic Sexual Challenges Andropause Sleep Deprivation
  • What can I expect at my first visit?
    If you've read through our website, you're more than likely learning there is a close link between the state of your general health and any sexual health issues you may be experiencing either as a sudden onset or over the course of years. Therefore we begin with: An assessment of your general health, including medical conditions, medication/supplement regimen, exercise habits, nutritional intake, and sleep/awake schedule. Sexual health history Review of concerning sexual issues You can see we cover a lot of turf the first session, hence the 90-minute appointment. We ask you come prepared by having your intake form complete (emailing it to us before the session is even better). We'll follow up this session with a detailed BluePrint, recommended steps to take moving forward based on the goals you've determined during the Discovery Session. Then the next step is yours, you choose how aggressive you want to move forward with the suggested plan. The partnership begins!
  • How many appointments should I expect?
    Hmmm....that's a tough one. Here's why. Sexual health counseling is a working partnership between you and your wellness counselor. Sexual health issues typically are stemming from several causes, and therefore we work to find a "root" cause resolution for those issues. Additionally, our goal is to provide you with not only with resolution to your immediate concerns, but share with you "tools" to help you navigate your health, wellness and relationship for many years to come. Although we have a plethora of "tools" for intervention, it is ultimately up to you be engaged, motivated and willing to do the work and make changes where necessary. That said, sexual health counseling is considered "short term" when compared to therapy or other behavioral health interventions. The average client attends 3 - 5 sessions.
  • Will insurance pay for my visits?
    We are a fee-for-service practice, so we don't accept any insurance plans. However, you are free to submit your paid invoice for services rendered to your insurance company. Since insurance plans differ on what visit "types" are covered, you may or may not receive reimbursement. Our experience is most insurance companies unfortunately don't reimburse for counseling services. With this in mind, we have been sensitive to our fee schedule and have priced our services at a reasonable rate. In-Office: Discovery Session, 90-minutes: 145.00 Follow Up Session, 60-minutes: 115.00 Virtual Visit: Discovery Session, 90-minutes: 115.00 Follow Up Session, 60-minutes: 85.00
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