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It's not by chance that you are here!

Hi, I'm Valerie.

I'm guessing things with your sex life are not as good as you'd wish they were? Perhaps you've slid into more of a roommate arrangement than the lovers you once were? Maybe you're experiencing a lack of desire for anything sexual and the guilt has you up at night. Or worse, your partner is threatening to leave because they feel unloved, ignored and frustrated?

Whatever the reason, I'm glad you're here, because I can help. I've worked with hundreds of couples who have felt like you do now.

There is hope, there are solutions, and now there's work to do...


How did this happen to us?

I know what you are seems like just yesterday when you talked all the time, you connected on such a deep level, and holding each other at the end of the day made everything better. And now, you can't even remember the last time you made love, or maybe you can and the profound sadness is turning into resentment.

It's not uncommon for sex and intimacy to take a backseat to the other priorities of life. Often times the cause is health-related, even due to side effects from medications. Depression, anxiety, fatigue and stress also play a role in dampening sexual desire. The good news...there are strategic ways to get your mojo back and reignite the spark that

started it all.


Ways to Work with Me


Take an Online Course

In reality, shame, taboo, guilt and fear are all barriers couples have in seeking help with sexual health issues.

To eliminate those barriers, we feature:

  • An online suite of courses addressing candid issues such as erectile unpredictability and problems with orgasm

  • Online LIVE forums for "men only" and "ladies only" discussing all things sexual health


In the meantime, take a FREE course on Mismatched Sexual Desire.


Virtual Coaching Sessions

If you've already taken a course, or you're more interested in a 1-to-1 approach, sexual health coaching is for you!

Sexual health coaching:

  • Begins with a deep-dive discovery into the issues causing you distress and moves on quickly to exercises, readings and action-based lessons to resolve those issues.

  • Coaching requires you to be fully onboard to prioritize your sexual relationship and to show up with an open heart and an open mind.

  • It won't happen overnight, however the insights learned will help to enrich future seasons of your love life.


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A healthy sex life is part of a healthy body - less stress, better sleep, more happiness - just to name a few. 

Since there is no "right" way to experience pleasure - and sexual adventure is different for everyone - lets open up the possibilities for the choosing. 

I'll share weekly ideas, products, tips & triggers to help you

"own your sexual pleasure". 

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