Cutting edge technology has made it possible to increase blood flow, reduce venous leakage and regenerate blood vessels and tissues in the penis.  Both GAINSWave Acoustic Wave Therapy and the Priapus Shot are changing the lives of men everywhere.  

I am honored to be a practicing clinician and certified Priapus Shot injector at Cleveland HealthGroup and personally perform both treatments.  Cleveland Health Group is a GAINSWave Acoustic Wave Therapy provider and a certified Priapus Shot center.  

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Erectile Dysfunction & Peyronies Disease below...


Acoustic Wave Therapy 



Acoustic wave therapy is a scientifically proven medical treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and/or Peyronies Disease (PD).  Via a medical device, high frequency, low-intensity sound waves are delivered in the genital region opening up blood vessels, removing micro-plaque and over time creating new blood vessels...resulting in increase blood flow, regeneration of tissues and stimulation of growth factors.  This cutting edge technology is a huge breakthrough solution for men seeking better erections and optimal sexual performance.

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Priapus Shot

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Penile Injection

The Priapus Shot is a regenerative therapy for Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronies Disease and optimal sexual performance.  

Using your own blood and derived growth factors within your plasma, PRP is produced and then injected into the penis.  

PRP is an effective natural treatment for cellular regeneration and cellular repair. Other benefits include stronger/firmer erections, greater orgasmic intensity and increased sensitivity.  

PRP is utilized either alone or in combination with Acoustic Wave Therapy. 

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