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One Size
Doesn't Fit All

That's right. The same treatment plan won't work for everyone.

However, what is universal - everything is connected. Your body, function, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, and your relationship.

So, you need a personalized "BluePrint" - a plan of action laid out specifically for you.

The Method

My approach is to find out what the root cause of your issues are.  

I believe this to be the most effective method of treatment with the best outcomes, and

science backs me up, it's called the

"biopyschosocial" approach and it's highly individualized. 


This approach involves working in 3 main area's:

  • What's going on in your body? 

  • What's going on in your mind? 

  • What's going on in your relationship with self and partner?


Although your only concern may be that your body isn't working like you want it to,

we are going dig deeper to find out how your general health

(think diet, exercise, sleep, stress) is affecting your sexual health and best of all what steps 

are needed to resolve your distressing issues.


Where Problems Meet Solutions

Body Function

Maybe you've run out of steam and it's only 10:00am on a workday, perhaps the night before your sexual performance was less than desirable or you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure. Your general health plays a vital role in how you show up for your day (and night!).  Often times it's not until blood flow issues or vascular problems occur that we give our bodies the attention they need. 

Emotions, Thoughts & Feelings

The brain-genital connection can be "zapped" suddenly by negative emotions of worry, fear, guilt, shame and sadness.  Stress can mess with both your body function and your mind.  Furthermore, how you feel emotionally can greatly impact intimacy health; feelings of resentment, frustration or hostility can overwhelm the body and mind. 


Critical to sexual function is a healthy relationship with those we share our life with.  Intimacy inside and outside the bedroom is vital for relationships to thrive.  Often times an encounter with a sexual issue is an opportunity to renegotiate the sexual landscape of a relationship, where sexual and intimacy satisfaction can be experience by both partners. 

Write Your Own Sexual Script


Together we'll explore your brain-genital connection, or likely disconnection.  

Then we'll talk relationships...this is a perfect opportunity to make some changes! 

Consider it a favorable time to rewrite the script of your sexual

relationship - new activities, turn-on's, erotic play, toys, connection, 

dirty talk - the possibilities are endless - after all you and your partner are the authors! 


The only thing worse than your sexual issue, is not doing anything about it.  

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