Yoga, Sex & Your Pelvic Floor

What a great way to spend a cold and snowy Sunday morning in Northeast Ohio - at the Yoga Lounge & Barre in Hudson.  

Owners Leba & Eric Lualdi, thought outside the box and created a unique program exclusively for women who wanted to learn more about how a tone pelvic floor can translate into better urinary and bowel control, and enhance sexual health.  

The room was overflowing with women dedicated to being proactive about their health, and willing to integrate proven strategies to stay ahead of the curve towards mind-body-spiritual connection.  

Dr. Mary South, a local urogynecologist in private practice, shared her expertise with effective ways to combat urinary incontinence and increase overall health of the pelvic floor.  I was grateful to share the sexual health benefits for both male/female partners as it relates to pelvic floor health and elaborate on the sexual response cycle and the impact it has in our intimate relationships.

Everyone was all ears and walked away with a better sense of how they could improve the health of this sometimes forgotten part of the body. 

The bonus for everyone, including Dr. South and I, was an awesome get-down-and-sweat yoga class given by Leba herself.  Leba brought us through the yoga poses and stretches specific to creating blood flow to the pelvic region.  

Ladies, it's all about blood flow! 

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