What's Your Story?

In the business world we’ve come to understand the power of engagement and sense of connection with storytelling (TED Talks anyone?). Storytelling, especially when we are trying to sell our products, or ourselves, is a way we can get people to know, like and trust us. Storytelling can also help us as leaders to influence, teach and inspire others.

So let’s take this connection tool, turn it on its head and use it where it can make a major impact in connecting your intimate life…in the bedroom.

Erotic role playing, a form of storytelling, can be a powerful tool to “juice up” your sexual relationship. According to my colleagues at the “Speaking of Sex” podcast, “roleplaying is a wonderful playground for all of us, if you are willing to bring a playful spirit into the bedroom.” And if you are like most of the clients I see, your sex life could use a little playfulness!

So what might erotic roleplaying look like in your bedroom?

1. Make believe / pretend you are a new kind of person, a different person than your everyday persona. Escape from the role of mom, dad, CEO, chef, auto-mechanic, retail clerk, waiter/waitress – you get the idea.

Having trouble, feeling awkward? Think of when your kids wanted you to pretend to be the scary dragon and you ran down the hall chasing them as they broke into laughter and screeching until at last you captured them in your loving arms. How fun was that!

2. Embody qualities of characters you find sexy or erotic.

This will be different for everyone. Invite yourself to play and experiment with embodying characters you can turn into sexy; pirate, astronaut, personal trainer, intern, chef, thief, interrogator, handyman, professor, student, photographer, rock star, dragon, stripper….the list goes on.

3. Get specific…totally step into character, but get on the same page as your partner.

If you want to be the interrogator – ask your partner if they want you to dazzle them with your charm, or do they want you to burst into the room, tie them up and have your way with them. Make sure you are both on the same page. It’s a game….feel the energy, choose to be thrilled.

4. Be resilient!

Not all performances will work out just the way you and your partner thought it would. The mask may feel awkward, your accent may sound funny, and her response might be laughter instead of erotic. You don’t have to get it right…give yourself permission to be vulnerable.

Want to learn more about erotic role playing? Head over to the Speaking of Sex podcast and listen to, “Having Fun With Erotic Roleplaying #309”. Better yet, visit my Wellness Marketplace and sign up for the Pleasure Mechanics “Kinky Sex Mastery” online course, where you’ll learn a lifetime of roleplaying strategies. She’ll be glad you did.

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