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I am more than excited to finally introduce my new online education and learning platform, appropriately named, CONNECTIONS.

Over the last 6 years I have been practicing as a nurse specialist and sex educator mostly on a one client - to - one client basis. As grateful as I am for the many men, women and couples who had the courage to walk through my office doors, I always struggled with thinking about the hundreds of individuals and couples who would never seek help due to feelings of shame, guilt and/or taboo associated with sexual health coaching. OR that flat out couldn't afford services because of traditional insurance restraints (don't get me started!).

However, today that is about to change with the launch of my online course platform where I'll host a suite of online courses, events and LIVE Office Hours.

To get off the digital press... I have launched my first online course, Mismatched Sexual Desire: How to Get on the Same Page. I have made this first course available for FREE for anyone! And what a convenient way to learn...sit back in your favorite chair or propped up with pillows in bed, at the time you decide, without ever leaving the house.


I am passionate about my work...teaching about healthy sexual function, how to overcome sexual health issues, how to enjoy satisfaction and pleasure in a healthy sexual relationship and helping with solutions to distressing issues couples have around sex.

I am serious about "launching the conversation" about sex and sexual health. In the course cue I have a variety of classes that are sure to meet the needs of couples concerns no matter if you are engaged, newly married, a long term committed couple, or enjoying your senior years. There is something for everyone.


Most importantly, I need you to engage in the conversation...for much to long now the conversation has been missing between loving, caring individuals who have committed every other part of their lives to each other, and yet the conversation about intimacy, sex, pleasure and satisfaction goes unsaid. You lie next to each other, just inches away for 10, 20, 30+ years, and never talk about these issues. My goal is to change that, to help provide you with the language necessary to have the conversation and enjoy this vital part of your health!

We’ll be able to engage in conversation in a number of ways: opting in for my email newsletter Pleasure Perks, taking courses and providing your feedback, attending a LIVE Q & A session and joining the upcoming book club. I look forward to your engagement and to learn more ways in which I can serve you.

Again, welcome!


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