The Perfect Gift: YOU!

Knee deep into the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it may be difficult to make time to think of a gift for your partner, let alone go out and buy one.  Although it can be challenging to find romantic, intimate and erotic moments with your partner – doing so is a gift within itself.

Don’t delay…give a gift to the person you love and adore the most, the gift that keeps on giving….

The gift of physical affection

Your skin is rich in millions of nerve endings.  Vibration, heat and pressure can do wonders to trigger sexual desire.  Loving touches flood our bodies with endorphins and oxytocin – a bonding hormone that makes you feel secure, calm, even happier.  So touch, cuddle, hold hands, hug, or have sex – and reap the benefits.

The gift of scheduled sex

Decide in advance when to make love – date, time, place – then keep it!  Remind yourself by adding it to your calendar, post a note, or set a reminder on your phone.  Making love on a regular basis leads to a profound deep bond that weathers many a storms. Sound unromantic?  Just try it and see! After all, having scheduled sex is better than NO sex at all.

The gift of seduction

Being seductive in and out of the bedroom is the best turn on!  Good hygiene, good posture, and a smile to look your best is a start.  Be thoughtful, laugh, be playful, and show genuine interest in each other.  In the bedroom be open with your feelings while having sex – its erotic.  Out with routine and predictability – be spontaneous and do something daring – try a new position, or use a new sex toy, wear something different to bed – let him/her take it off.  Be bossy – take turns being in charge (in the bedroom).

The gift of fantasy

Although you may not feel comfortable sharing your fantasies with your partner, at least have them! Playing out a fantasy in your head will heighten your sexual arousal and your partner will sense the excitement. It is perfectly normal and healthy to engage in sexual fantasies – and it feels good! 

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