NOW OPEN: Virtual Sessions

Virtual Sessions Now OPEN

I'm pleased to announce the offering of virtual sessions for sexual health counseling and wellness coaching.

Whether you live in a remote area, are crazy busy or can't imagine walking through the door of my office (I won't take it personally) - you can now engage in a live session wherever you are most comfortable connecting.

How it works....

From here, click over to the Sessions Page and choose the "Virtual" option.

Schedule a Discovery Session via the online calendar - pick a day and time that works for you.

Click the Book It button. A confirmation email with additional instructions will be emailed to you.


Why it works...

To find out more about my One-Size Does Not Fit All approach, click here.

Save money....

Since neither of us needs to drive to the office, it will cost you less for a virtual appointment:

Discovery Session 90 minutes $115.00

Follow Up Sessions 60 minutes $ 85.00

Q & A...

Is the online feature secure and private?

We'll be meeting online via Zoom, a video and audio conferencing platform. Zoom is easy to use and will automatically be downloaded to your device when you accept the invitation for your appointment. Zoom is secured by end to end encryption which adds an additional layer of application security. We'll use a password for your appointment which further secures our session.

Can I switch to an "in-person" session at any time?

Yes. You'll be able to schedule your follow up sessions via the online booking schedule where you will be able to choose an in-person session or virtual session.

Does insurance pay for online counseling?

Sexual health counseling and wellness coaching is not typically covered by medical insurance whether it's a virtual or in-person session. Since insurance companies vary on covered services, you will be provided a receipt for your visit, which in turn can be submitted to your insurance company.

Thank you for your interest in seeking sexual health services with me.

We are all sexual beings and deserve to live out our own sexuality in the healthiest and happiest way possible.

~ valerie

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