Love Her. Use Lubrication.

If you are reading this post, you might be wondering why using a lubricant during partner sex is so important…trust me it is!  

Here’s just a few reasons why…

1. It’s an important ingredient to HER sexual arousal. 

Studies have shown that women prefer to feel more wet than not during sex.  Realizing the fact that vaginal dryness can come and go, the security of using a lubricant can make women feel more comfortable, allowing them to sink into the pleasure of penetrative sex instead of being on guard for possible pain or discomfort. This translates to women being in tune with the sensations of arousal (which is sometimes difficult for women).  Perhaps the “wet” sensation may encourage new moves and positions.  It’s a win-win.

2.  Reduces friction and irritation of HER vagina. 

Comfortable intercourse anyone?  

Although lubrication can be a matter of personal preference, many women may feel somewhat “inadequate” if they need additional lubricant beyond their own secretions.  However regardless of age, the levels of women’s secretions vary from time to time depending on stress, anxiety, hormonal changes, chemical products she uses and medical conditions – even taking an over the counter medication on a temporary basis can cause vaginal dryness. Be the hero and make it a natural part of lovemaking, perhaps hand-in-hand (pun intended J) with foreplay. 

3.  Orgasm-boosting possibilities for HER

Even if a woman is fully aroused, her own vaginal secretions may not be enough for the type of sex she wants (think desert-like terrain), or the speed of the moment.  Using a lubricant may be the answer to priming for the steady rhythm she needs to have an orgasm.  

Final answer: It simply makes sex better!  

What’s in it for you? 

Still not convinced…let’s bring it home…having a well-lubed penis can prevent microscopic tears and abrasions to your delicateskin too.  Many men report that using lube makes sex last longer and be more pleasurable.  Need I say more? 

WARNING: Not all lubricants are created equal!  Look for a body-safe, sex-positive lubricants without petrochemicals, parabens and glycerin (all can be irritants to the genitals). Here is one I recommend.

For more details on the best body-safe, sex-positive lubricants, come back next week and we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of lubes!  

Want to share your favorite lube?  Tell me more... 

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