Connecting the Dots: How General Health & Sexual Health Go Hand-in-Hand

Expert opinion, supported by unshakeable scientific evidence, concludes that good sex can lead to good health and good health can lead to good sex (it’s ok, go ahead and read that again). 

The relationship between physical health and sexual health has long been known, but perhaps not always embraced.  Consider connecting the dots between how sexual activities can lower blood pressure, reduce depression, lessen anxiety and lower the risk of a heart attack – makes sense, right? 

Now add to those health benefits, that lovemaking also can increase antibodies that help the immune system protect against germs and viruses, can increase bladder control in women, decrease pain, and can actually improve memory.  Now we’re talking!

Inversely, being in good health can dramatically improve good sex – and as a sexual health counselor and intimacy coach – it is my passion to communicate this to clients and anyone else that will listen! 

Nourishing your sexuality is NOT about taking “enhancement drugs” or running to a physician for a prescription medication to increase sexual desire.  Instead, it’s a commitment to make lifestyle changes with food, exercise and a practice of being mindful.  Now connect these dots:

  • Nutrients in foods play a vital role in providing fuel at the cellular level, assisting in: heightening the sensitivity of genital tissues for increased pleasure, preventing atrophy of genitals, increasing circulation of blood, balancing mood and helping with imagination, impeding vaginal dryness, and maintaining optimal prostate function.

  • Exercise can generally make you feel more confident and energized in and out of the bedroom.  More specifically for men, exercise can lower your risk of unreliable erections (think Erectile Dysfunction) , increase sperm quality, and protect against an enlarged prostate.  For the ladies, regular exercise will increase blood flow to the genitals helping with improved sensation and orgasm (think squats).  Additionally, core exercises can help with stabilization in different sexual positions while maintaining genital connection.  Need I say more?

  • The health benefit of being more mindful is an epic blog itself (stay tuned).  Studies show that mindfulness improves sexual satisfaction and arousal by alleviating the self-judging thoughts about body image and performance anxiety.  Being mindful can open one’s mind to sexual stimulation instead of the noisy chatter that often hijacks a sexual experience. 

There you have it – it’s a win-win!

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